Gitzo 2545T Series 2 Traveler Tripod Review – Your Perfect Travel Buddy

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You might have seen a lot of people complaining about how their tripod is not up to the mark or how they spent a fortune on a tripod only to know that it isn’t what they require. Well, sadly, this is the case with most of the people especially beginners who are misdirected or swayed away by fake profit based reviews.

If you are a serious travel photographer or someone who takes a lot of pictures whenever you are on a run and need a long term solution then this review of the Gitzo 2545T Series 2 Traveler Carbon Fiber Tripod is for you!

Product : Gitzo 2545T Series 2
Price : Check the best price here 
Max Height : 65.2″
Weight : 4 lbs
Payload : 26 lbs

Warranty : 2 years, extended 5 years
My rating : 9/10

Gitzo 2545T Series 2 Traveler, Overview

Let me ask you a simple question. What comes to your mind when you hear the name “Rolls Royce” ? Luxury, premium quality, long lasting, status symbol and of course the fortune involved in buying one. Now, imagine these qualities in a single tripod! That’s what Gitzo promises! The Rolls of Tripods.

The Gitzo series 2 traveler is a range of superbly manufactured tripods that can withstand the test of time. And I literally mean that. If you take proper care, then these beasts can last generations. The carbon fiber legs can extend upto 5.5 feet and provide excellent stability for those long exposure shots and with a max. payload of 26lbs (11.8kgs) you can easily mount heavy lens combinations. The overall weight of the tripod itself is 4lb (1.8kg) which is on a bit heavier side. But the weight is overshadowed by the benefits it offers.

It has a unique design which allows the legs to fold inwards so that the ball head or any other head do not add up to the collapsed length of the overall body (17.5″). The tripod is basically meant to be used with the GH1382QD ball head which costs another 2-3 hundred bucks but try to go in for the whole package at once.

Expensive, yeah! Worth it, hell yeah!

Now, I know the bottleneck with most of the people is the price. Yes, it is expensive and there is no question about it. Even the most experienced photographer would think before spending that kind of money. But I can assure you 100% that what you get is totally worth the money. Every part of the construction is top-notch. Personally, I couldn’t feel the difference in shots take when the legs were collapsed and when they were completely extended (Generally there is a lot of shake in pictures when the legs are extended completely. This is a stability issue with most of the tripods.

There are a lot of products out there in the market that boast the same specs at a cheaper price, but nothing can match the finesse of the gitzo made. According to sources, the gitzo employs the Carbon eXact tubes in their
construction rather than the usual Carbon 6X tubes. These are believed to last longer and provide better support. Also, the special G-locks are made only for traveler series and are smaller, perfect for traveling. Also, the feet are replaceable and you have a variety of options to choose from.

These features provide a distinction to the Gitzo from the other ones, hence the price. Frankly speaking, one needs to use this tripod to understand its full potential.

Not for beginners…

Although most of the above mentioned featured may sound a bit unnecessary to many of you, but then these fine details do matter to the one who does not compromise on quality and is committed to providing valuable work to the client. Honestly, it is not something for a beginner or an amateur. If you consider yourself a beginner and are reading this now, you may wanna see this post about the best beginner tripod. It should really get you started.

This tripod can serve a variety of purposes, you can practice wildlife, travel and even macro photography. The center column collapses so that the minimum height of the tripod is 8.7″ from the ground (Perfect for landscapes and macro alike). The center column itself is quite short.

Gitzo advertises this product in the traveler category, so this tripod is engineered to be used outdoors in not so ideal environments like mountains, swamps, etc. The design is rigid and flexible at the same time. It is tough enough to overcome rough handling at the airports, etc at the same time it offers maximum flexibility.

The Pros and Cons

The gitzo 2545t traveler is no doubt a superb tripod but like all products and services, it also has its own pros and cons. You should read through this section carefully and analyze it for yourself.


  • Excellent Build: The tripod is crafted excellently. There are absolutely no squeaking noises or out of place parts. Everything feels perfect when you use it. The design is flawless and I have come to know that these are built exclusively by hand in Italy.
  • G-Locks: Special twist locks made for this model only to reduce the overall size of the package! Great for traveling.
  • Super Light and Very Sturdy: In its category the tripod is unmatched.
  • Customer Support: They really take care of you as a customer and make sure that the issue is resolved in no time.


  • No Spiked Feet: This can mean a great deal when you are out there traveling in the mountains and you need that spiked feet in ice. The good news is you can buy it separately.
  • No Hook: The center column itself is quite small and there is no hook attached to it. I’m not sure why they did that because earlier models like the 2542, etc had them.

Bonus Review: GH1382QD Ball Head

Okay, well thanks for reading this far! Here is a bonus review of the ball head that comes with the package. The traveler 2545t doesn’t seem to work as beautifully as it does with the GH1382QD Ball Head than with any other ball head. Sure you will experience the same integrity but then it almost feels like these two were made for each other.

The GH1382QD itself comes at a hefty price but then again the price of the product is completely justified. I can assure you what you pay is what you get, it’s that simple.

Specs :

Weighs 1.1lb
Arca-Type Compatible
360 Degree Pan
Friction Control Knob

The head comes in 3 variants depending upon the maximum load capacity of the head. It comes in 24lb, 31lb, 40lb variants and cost around $320, $330 and $450 respectively. It has all the features of a professional ball head like solid QR plate, etc. The head comes with the limited 6-month warranty and a user guide.


Overall, I would recommend this tripod to anyone who is looking for a decent piece of gear and require that bit of professionalism in their work. As I mentioned before, it can last a very long time so make sure you look it as if it were an investment and not a liability.

So, there you have it guys, that’s my take on the GITZO 2545T Series 2 Traveler Tripod. I hope you enjoyed reading through the review. Please feel free to drop in any comments or questions in the section below and I’ll be more than happy to answer them.



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14 Responses

  1. Thanks for taking your time to give a detailed review on Gitzo 2545T series 2traveler tripod. I’m also a photography enthusiast though I’m just a beginner. I just enjoy taking snap shots all around especially on vacations to attractive destinations. I have gotten a camera but as its clearly stated here that its not for a beginner in the post, I guess its not for me

  2. Oh too bad this is not a tripod for beginner. I’m still learning to be a photographer and searching for suitable tripod. I thought it’s better to buy more advanced one so I don’t need to buy another tripod for advance use. But, what is usually the difference between beginner tripod and advance tripod like this one? Thank you for your information

    1. Hi

      Tripods are like cameras, there is no point in buying a very expensive full-frame SLR until you have mastered a point and shoot. Also, I don’t think you should be investing so much until you are very sure about how you feel about photography. This tripod can be an upgrade to an older one or something along those lines. You can check this post about beginner tripods.

  3. Even though I am a beginner in photography, I think I will go for this specific model instead of the buying my previous dream tripod GT0545T although there isn’t much difference between the two. I know this is priced higher but I think there’s an equivalent value for that price difference. I really like these tripods from Gitzo because not only are they known for smoothness and precision, they are also made of carbon fiber that doesn’t bend easily. 

    1. Absolutely, I mean it really is worth the money. You get what you pay for. Check out the links in the post, that should help you in purchasing one.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I’m not a heavy duty photographer but I do still like to dabble in the craft as a serious hobby.  So the overriding priority for me when considering tripods, given that I like to take nature photos that require half a day’s hike, is the weight of the tripod.

    What would you recommend is the optimal weight of a tripod if I wanted a decent balance of stability (won’t easily topple in nature’s uneven/windy settings) and lightness?  I like what I’m hearing about the gitzo 2545t traveler and it looks like the issue of no spiked feet is easily overcome with buying a part for it.  How much would those bits go for, would you know?

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Cath

      For traveling, I would suggest a tripod which weighs less than 7-7.5 lbs. But then it depends on the construction material, leg sections, head, etc. Check the specs, pros, and cons, everything before deciding. 

      The Gitzo 2545T is definitely a good choice. The spikes can cost you somewhere around 10 bucks to more than a 100 for a set of three. I would suggest you check them up from your nearest store to see which one fits nicely.

  5. Dear Shashwat,

    Thanks a lot for the very thorough and comprehensive review post.

    At last I decided to follow my passion which is photography. Recently I started learning photography from my friend he is a professional photographer and I am also helping him in his business for which I am paid as well. 

    My friend advised me to do some research for the best Tripod and we need one for our business while doing some research I came across your helpful review.

    You got me, I was concerned about the price but you have provided valid reasons why we need to buy it. I am going to share your review post with my friend and I believe he gonna find a lot of value from your review.

    I loved how easy the review makes it for readers and you left no stone up-turned in explaining all the details.

    Much Success!


    1. Hi Paul

      I appreciate you taking the time out to go through the entire article. Feel free to approach me if you need any help with your search for tripods and keep checking back for more.

  6. Hi
    Your detailed review on Gitzo 2545T series 2traveler tripod indicates that it is an excellent companion for heavy Camera photographers during travel as it can hold weight up to 11.8 Kg. Its lightweight feature due to Carbon material is really appreciable.
    Presently I am looking for Tripods to be used for Mobile Phone Photography and video shoots. Can you please suggest an affordable alternative. I plan to purchase Gitzo 2545T in future as I master my skills in photo shoots.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. Hi Gaurav

      I am going to write a post soon for tripods used in mobile photography. If you want you can check the Joby Gorillapod range. They make smaller versions of the Gorillapod which will suit your purpose.

      Thanks for stopping by. 

  7. Most of the time, you’ll get disappointed with cheaper products you thought you had a good deal buying and end up with a dysfunctional item. But anyways, I get why it’s so expensive because it’s made with carbon fiber which costs around $10 a pound compared to steel which is only less than a dollar. It’s always been in big industries like rockets and airplanes. So yeah, it’s really worth it. 

    May I add as a concern individual for the environment that since Gitzo Traveler 2545 is made up of carbon fiber, it’s great because it doesn’t corrode, degrade, rust or fatigue. You were right when you said that it can really last not only for a decade but for generations!

    Thanks for the review! Keep it up.

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