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Keeping your gear safe is the top priority of every photographer whether he/she is a beginner or a pro. You love your camera, it’s your baby and you would do everything to protect it, right! Well, you might be content with the bag that came with your camera when you brought it home but at some point in time, you are going to change it. I recommend getting a good backpack right away. Anyway, choosing a camera bag can be overwhelming considering the seemingly infinite choices these days.

The problem is you cannot choose just any random bag, you must look at the size, padding and a whole lot of stuff to make sure that the bag suits your needs. In this article, we will look at the different types of DSLR camera bags in the market and then I’ll let you be the judge of what suits you.

Types of Camera Bags

To your surprise, there are many types of camera bags available, yes! You can choose from holsters, backpacks, sling bags and more. The reason why there are so many choices is that every photographer has his/her own preferences. I personally, like to have all my gear safe and secure behind my back, some want to carry everything around in a sling bag. So let’s just quickly go through all the different types of bags before we move onto the best bags for your camera.

Backpacks are the most used variety of camera bags because there is lots of space, tens of pockets and all of your gear is safely stored away on your back. The only disadvantage which I could think of is the weight – since there is a lot of equipment (2-3 lens, camera, filters, batteries, flashguns, cards, tripod), it becomes painful to carry around for more than a few hours.

Holster bags are those small sling bags which rest safely on your hip. They are made to carry around just a camera and one lens attached, though the side pocket can carry other accessories, it is not possible to carry an extra lens. Well, to some people it might be a disadvantage because it reduces your flexibility but at the same time, some people like to keep it light.

I believe its quite clear what a sling bag is from the image. There have quite a lot of space and sufficient padding in between the walls to hold a camera and a couple of lenses. Personally, I don’t prefer using a sling bag because all the weight is forced on my shoulder and it limits my ability to crouch, lie low, etc while out shooting.

They are great for someone who travels a lot and gives them a lot of freedom. Everything is carried in a foam padded suitcase which is very safe. There are hard cases too (Pelican, Manfrotto, LowePro, etc make them). They are just about the dimension of a regular cabin bag, so you can just walk away with it inside the plane without any issues.

I haven’t seen a lot of people using these but they are a good option for those who want to keep it uber light. I mean there is hardly any space to keep an extra lens but you can store filters, lens cleaners, cards, etc. They are to be worn around the waist. It allows you to move around without any constraints during the shoot. I think it is perfect for people with mirrorless cameras.

Now that you know about the various types of bags available, it is important to know how to select them. One must look at the size and space, type of camera, material, durability (waterproofing), and price. The bags can be very expensive (north of about $500). So ask yourself some questions like how much gear do I need to carry? Flexibility or Agility?. This will help you in selecting a good bag for yourself.

LowePro Tahoe BP 150 – Compact and Lightweight

Weight: 0.8kg ( 1.76 lbs)
Internal Sections: 5 (customizable)
External Dimensions: 27.5 x 21.7 x 40.3 cm
Primary Device: DSLR
Tripod Attachment: Yes
My Rating: 8.5/10

Check Price on Amazon (US)   Check Price on Amazon (IN)

The Tahoe BP 150 backpack from LowePro is a top of the line product. It has a nice padded back panel and very durable shoulder straps. The bag has two mesh pockets to store bottles or tripods. It is compact, lightweight and weather resistant. It is a well-structured backpack that allows you to hold around 2-3 small lenses ( maximum an 18-135mm lens) and a medium-sized camera body. The backpack is weather-resistant and has many pockets to carry around cords, GoPro, batteries or small drones.

The tablet compartment has a unique cradle fit technology that makes sure that the tablet is safe and does not hit the ground when you keep the bag down. Though it has so many features, the price of this bag isn’t much. I recommend this bag to everyone who owns a small set of equipment and doesn’t want to spend a fortune on a bag

Remember: This is not a Laptop Bag.

AmazonBasics DSLR Camera Bag – Budget Bag

AmazonBasics is doing a pretty good job with their products and I must say, it is giving a tough competition to the existing manufacturing giants. The reason is price and quality. Though it is incomparable to the high-end makers like Manfrotto or Gitzo, the bag is fairly sufficient for an average photographer. Some reviewers even state that it is the best bag for your buck.

Weight: 1.9kg ( 4 lbs)
Internal Sections: 8 (customizable)
External Dimensions: 33.5 x 22.9 x 45.7 cm
Primary Device: DSLR
Tripod Attachment: Yes
Warranty: 1 yr
My Rating: 9.5/10

Check Price on Amazon (US)  Check Price on Amazon (IN)

The bag has loads of space to fit at least 2 DSLR’s (pretty amazing), 2-3 average-sized lenses, a laptop (17″), a rain cover, and still it has space to carry cards, flashes, filters, batteries, chargers, tripod and whatnot. According to some customers, it can easily hold a 300mm lens (that’s huge!). The bag seems comfortable and has a nice belt to be worn around the waist for added support.

LowePro Passport Messenger Sling III

Generally, I don’t use sling bags but this is an exception. The LowePro Passport Messenger III is a fantastic bag to carry around. The bag is spacious and durable. The bag can easily hold a couple of lenses and a compact DSLR body. The best part is that the compartments can be removed to make it a normal everyday bag. The Cradle fit technology ensures maximum protection against damage and shock.

Weight: 0.5kg ( 1.1 lbs)
Internal Sections: 3 (customizable)
External Dimensions:
14.5 x 44 x 41 cm
Primary Device: DSLR
Tripod Attachment: No
My Rating: 8/10

Check Price on Amazon (US)  Check Price on Amazon (IN)

Expandable up to 30% extra, this bag can fit in all your basic items like tablets, power banks, chords, flashcards, filters, etc. The strap is adjustable and very comfortable. The downside with these bags is that there is no place to hold tripods. But, it is a great sling bag if you are into them.

AmazonBasics Holster Camera Case

Again, an AmazonBasics product but a deserving one. The holster is a perfect bag for single-lens users. They can easily mount an 18-135mm (up to 270mm) or a prime and go shooting about. This particular holster serves that purpose very nicely. It has an extra-long shoulder strap which is adjustable. The bottom of the bag is reinforced with hard plastic which makes sure that the gear survives a little bump or fall.


Weight: 0.4kg ( 0.9 lbs)
Internal Sections: 1 (customizable)
External Dimensions:
17.53 x 16 x 22.86 cm
Primary Device: DSLR
Tripod Attachment: No
Warranty: 1 year
My Rating: 8.5/10

Check Price on Amazon (US)  Check Price on Amazon (IN)

The bag has 2 dedicated card slots and 1 multipurpose slot for accessories. The quality of material used is also top class. It is perfect for travelers and explorers who need to be on the move every time.

E-Tailor Cameron Vintage Leather Bag

This is a unique addition to the list and it is clearly visible why. For those of you, who prefer a touch of vintage and solid construction, this is the bag for you. Now, I won’t recommend dumping everything inside this bag because there are no foam pads on the walls. Agreed the leather protects the gear but it’s not very effective when two lenses bump off each other inside the bag. But the bag can easily accommodate all your itty-bitty items from filters to cards and a small drone too!

Weight: 0.7kg ( 1.5 lbs)
Internal Sections: 2
External Dimensions:
33 x 10 x 26 cm
Primary Device: DSLR
Tripod Attachment: No
My Rating: 8.5/10

Check Price on Amazon (IN)

It is pure leather and so the bag is very durable. Even after years of rough use, I don’t think its gonna wear off to the extent where you need to replace it. You can fit in a medium-sized DSLR and a couple of big lenses. Now, if you order this you might receive a bag with a different color than what is shown, that is because each bag is naturally tanned and handmade so they are not the same. Nonetheless, there will be no question about its quality and durability.


Your photography gear deserves great care and it is your responsibility to do that. A good camera bag goes a long way in protecting your gear. Whether you opt for a backpack, a sling bag or a roller, you won’t regret the decision. Having a good bag makes the life of a photographer so much easier. Everything you need is in one place and all you need to do is just pick it up and start your journey.

That’s it, folks, I hope you enjoyed reading this article and if you have any other suggestions, comments or questions about DSLR camera bags, feel free to leave them below in the comments section and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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  1. These camera bags are very useful when being an artsy person. I heard of this girl wh takes pictures of nature anywhere she goes and sells them online. She is always looking for these items because epilepsy won’t allow her to work or others. I am sure my friend who knows her would love to hell her abut this. 

  2. I love photography and my favorite subjects are landscapes. By now the backpack I was using does not manage to contain all my equipment and when I looked on the web I came across this post. The topic is treated as a cause and well written as the reviews / descriptions on the various backpacks. Thanks to Shashwat for sharing his experience, now I know what to give me to make my photographic excursions easier.

  3. Hello Shashwat, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I have an old backpack, I am not a professional photographer but I like to go outdoor and take pictures when I am free. I see that those ones are not that expensive so I will buy one for my camera and its parts, thank you a lot for sharing.

  4. Choosing the right bag for our camera is really important because obviously it’ a pricey equipment. We don’t want it damaged or even scratched because of simple negligence. We must also consider what we do – of course, professional photographers would opt for a back pack or roller bags, beginners and hobbyist would opt for a sling, belt or holster. No matter what we prefer, we should always consider the quality because it will be protecting our gadgets and equipment. We should also choose something that is comfortable to use so we can go on with our photo adventure without the hassle. 

    All your recommendation looks really great, stylish and of high quality. For me, I personally like the Amazons Basic Holster Camera Case. Sure it looks posh for a woman to carry it. I need something small because I am not a professional photographer, and I don’t have much camera tools and equipment to bring. Again, I am completely awed by your expertise in photography. You know a lot about this interest that really helps your readers. Salute!

  5. Hi 

    Thank you very much for sharing such an amazing and informative post about DSLR camera bags. I love photography very much. It is my hobby. I have a DSLR camera. It is my love and also my best friend. I always keep it with me. I was looking for a styling bag for it which will be easy and comfortable  to carry anywhere. I prefer backpacks for me. 

    I will definitely share this post with my friends and family. Thanks again for your interesting content. 

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