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GoPro’s are probably the best action cameras out there. The company is not new but with each edition of its GoPro camera, it seems to be getting better and better at what it does. If you are a travel photographer or a geek you would know what I am talking about here, but if not then you are really missing out something amazing. Don’t go by the size of it, it’s performance is unmatched till date.

The only drawback of a GoPro is that you need to have separate mounts for each use to exploit this camera’s abilities. I might do a separate article on this later, but for now, let’s look at the best tripod for GoPro!

Why Use a GoPro? – Must Read for Anyone Who Doesn’t

Action, Travel, Creativity, these are the best words I could come up with to describe a GoPro. This tiny little box of wonders gives you the immense potential to showcase everything and anything that you do. Be it skydiving, underwater diving, bike trips or just casual photography. It is the ultimate tool to document yourself or any activity. Just set it up and forget. It is extremely simple to operate and believe me once you get the hang of it, you won’t go anywhere without it.

I have used a GoPro on many occasions and I am compelled to say that there isn’t anything that even comes close to the quality of photos, videos, features and versatility of a GoPro. There are tens and tens of accessories in the market for a GoPro. You can mount it on your helmet while riding a bike, chest mount, BMX mount, underwater housing, sleeves, and the list goes on and on. They are small, light and extremely rugged. Throw them underwater, no problem, go surfing, not a scratch, jump from a plane, cakewalk and I’m barely scratching the surface of what you can do with a GoPro

If you are a vlogger/blogger, traveler, adrenaline junkie or just someone who loves to shoot, a GoPro is a must-have. With every edition, they create something innovative. It is hands down, the best action camera in the market. Here is a video to prove my point.

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Why Do You Need a Tripod?

Probably, the next big question on your mind is, if this is an action camera and you are constantly on the move then why do you need a tripod? Right! Well, the answer to that is pretty simple – to keep it stationary! And why would you wanna do it? Here are the reasons:

1. Shooting Video From a Static POV: There are situations when you would want the camera to stay put and shoot while you do your job. Since it has a fisheye lens – 8mm, it can cover a lot of ground in your videos. Here’s an example

2. Timelapses and Motionlapses: Well, to shoot these you have to have a stable ground. GoPro’s have an inbuilt option for time-lapses so all you need is a good tripod, a moment and off it goes creating something amazing!

3. Two in One Grip: GoPro tripods are generally small and flexible, so they can be easily converted into a handheld grip. All you need to do is collapse the legs and hold it like a stick, that’s it! Document yourself, take underwater pictures, etc.

Also, a GoPro tripod is its cheapest accessory among all the other mounts, so if you are on a budget, buying a tripod will be the best bang for your buck. Let’s look at some of the tripods for this nifty camera.

GoPro 3-Way

This is probably the most popular of the lot. The official GoPro 3-way mount – It’s a grip, arm, and a tripod. It is ultra-versatile and can transform the way you use your GoPro. A small tripod is included in the grip which can be used as such or mount the arm on it for an extended reach. The folding arm is great for clicking selfies of recording yourself.

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With a price tag of around 50 bucks, this is one of the best things to buy. A word of caution – It is compatible with only Hero 5 and subsequent models. Here is the official video which shows how to use this grip.


Joby GorillaPod 1K

GoPro’s and Gorillapod are like Zack and Cody!! The duo has been around since ages ( I am talking about the cam and the pod, not the guys!). It seems as if they are made for each other. Both of them have so many similarities – ruggedness, versatility, and flexibility. This list would be incomplete without a Gorillapod.Check Price on Amazon (US)  Check Price on Amazon (IN)

For GoPros. I recommend the 1K version of the Gorillapod. Even though there are smaller variants too but they aren’t that stable with a GoPro and tend to topple over. 1K packs a decent amount of stability and flexibility. The ball head rotates 180 degrees allowing you to go wild with your creativity. Not only this, the 1kg load capacity is enough to small lights like Lume Cube, etc. The tripod itself weight 200gms and is made of high-quality ABS plastic with reinforced steel.

GoPro Shorty

GoPro shorty is something which I recommend to every Hero user. It is the first thing you must buy after your Hero cam. The shorty is a nice grip which extends like to form a selfie stick. Moreover, it packs a little tripod just like the 3-way. Just keep this little thing in your pocket and you will have the perfect support system for your Hero.

Check Price on Amazon (US)    Check Price on Amazon (IN)

Again, the shorty is compatible with only Hero5 Session and subsequent models. So, if you are on a budget go for the shorty but if you can spend some extra 10-15 bucks, go for the 3-way. Both of them are excellent and won’t let you down.

After going through some of the sites on the net, I saw people recommending the Manfrotto Pixi. For me, it is a big no! This is because the Pixi is not meant to be used for such extreme action. Its legs are quite fragile and you wouldn’t wanna break them while enjoying yourself. Go for the official accessories for one simple reason – They know the potential of their product and therefore they will never compromise with the quality of accessories they launch in the market.


Whether you are filming, making time lapses, shooting wide-angled images a GoPro always comes in handy and as you can see you cannot use it without a basic grip. All the add-ons mentioned above are top class products and you shouldn’t worry about their performance.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the videos and my take on the best tripod for GoPro. I would love to hear your experiences with this camera and if you have any tips or tricks, be sure to leave them in the comments section below. Also, feel free to contact me in case of any doubt or query, I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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14 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing this great article! I don’t own a gopro, but a friend of me is a motorcyclist, and he wants one. It is not only to put on his helmet, but also to take to travels, and put it on the ground. So a tripod is needed, honestly I didn’t think about it, maybe he didn’t either. So what I will do is show him this article and see what he thinks about it. 

  2. I have been looking to buy a go pro alongside my other digital camera, I like all the specs you have for them and it has revamped my urge to buy it again.  I’ll definitely check it out but I don’t think I’d get a tripod since I won’t be doing photography professionally just for fun. Thanks for the post. I found it interesting

  3. I am always looking for the next, more convenient, high quality tripod for my GoPro. When you travel a lot you don’t have space or the patience to carry around full size tripods when you’re vlogging on the go or just on the move in general. Thanks for this post, it really helps narrow down the decision making process of what the best tripod is for what I need!

  4. What about when folded and put into a case? Does the whole tripod convert into something small or sleek? I mean, I need something not bulky when carried into a public transportation like a bus, train, or an airplane. I’m planning to start a travel blog and in with a travel blog it sometimes work like a photo blog, too. Right now, I’m gathering the necessary equipment so by the time it starts, they will come handy.

  5. Wow another great tripod, this time for GoPro! I agree GoPros are probably the best action cameras out there. Some people might not think to put an action camera on a tripod, so this post is really helpful to offer another perspective with a great product. For someone who has their own YouTube channel, this could be a great addition for shooting self videos. What I like about the GoPro 3 Tripod is its versatility, which is something you’ll need with an action camera. I’ll be saving your post for reference and sending it to a few photographer friends, thank you!

  6. Hello shashwat!
    Wow this is an amazing article. Photography is a passion to me. And I also fond of traveling. So camera is so needed to catch the amazing memories. I never used the Gopros. But after reading your article I am thinking about it. Most amazingly it can be used while skydiving, underwater diving, bike trips or just casual photography. This is amazing. What about the price? And for tripods, Joby GorillaPod is looking nice

    1. Hey Harber

      Please check the current price by clicking the orange button that says check price, on the page. Generally, they range from $150 to $400.

  7. Thank you for this article. I never thought of using tripod on my gopro but this makes sense. sometimes I need to shoot something where I need it to be stable. I usually just put it on a table or something. I use just a normal DSLR to do the job. But with gopro’s fish eye lens, i think having a tripod would help me with my projects. honestly i didnt know that they have tripod for gopro haha thank you for sharing though. 

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