Tripod Carrying Case – You Need to Protect it Too!

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Almost in all of my posts, I have mentioned that taking care of your tripod is essential for its prolonged usage. Caring does not only mean protecting your tripods from accidental bumps or hits. You have to have a good quality tripod case so that your tripod remains protected from dirt and dust particles. There are lots of options in the market but we will discuss some of the best ones.

Keep reading because, in this post, I’ll be talking about the different tripod carrying cases and how you can maintain your tripod so that it remains functional for years to come.

Maintenance of Your Tripod

Maintenance of one’s gear is a very important thing for a photographer. Because the equipment doesn’t come cheap you cannot afford to not take care of it unless, of course, you are a billionaire! See tripods are meant to last a lifetime, the only condition is that you need to invest some time in it’s cleaning and in making sure that the parts work well after each shoot. Let me tell you some things which I do to keep my tripod working.

First of all, if you are shooting in a not so ideal environment like near beaches, underwater, in the wild, etc you have to clean the tripod immediately after the shoot. This is important because the dirt or sand fills in the joints which make it all gritty and loosens up the locks. Also, if you are shooting in ocean water, I highly recommend giving your tripod a good treatment because the salt water is very gross stuff. You don’t want it to sit in your aluminum or carbon fiber tubes.

What I like to do is drain all the water from the tubes of the tripod before packing up the shoot. Next, give it a good wipe with fresh water and keep it for the rest of the trip. When I am back home, I like to wipe all the sections with rubbing alcohol. All the sand, salt and dirt needs to be removed. The final step is to let it cook in the sun for a good 6 hours. Make sure there is absolutely no moisture in between the tubes and the locks. Also, once in a while you might wanna use some grease to lubricate the locks and sections.

Even if you shoot in a studio or don’t go out much with your tripod, I would still recommend cleaning it once in a while because dust settles in the hardest to reach places which reduces the lifetime of your tripod. Now that you know how to maintain your tripod, let’s look at some of the tripod bags which in my opinion are essential for your tripods protection.

Manfrotto MB MBAG75PN Tripod Case

Manfrotto is the leading maker of tripod bags in the market. Their range of tripod bags is suited to carry tripods of all sizes. The MB MBAG75PN can accommodate tripods which are up to 75cm in length (including the ball heads). They are primarily made for the newest Manfrotto 190Go! series of tripods. The tripod themselves are quite good. The bag is well padded on all sides and can be used to carry two tripods at once.PROS
Sufficient Padding | Comes in 3 sizes 75cm, 90cm, 100cm | Good Built Quality | Water Resistant | Designed in Italy

The zippers are quite flimsy | Expensive

My Rating: 4/5   Check Price on Amazon

As it is clear from the image that the tripod is asymmetrical which allows you to fit the legs comfortably. They say it’s made from some kind of ballistic nylon which is supposed to be very tough and non-abrasive. It has a good adjustable nylon strap which makes it easier to carry.

Neewer 35″x7″x8″ Padded Carrying Bag

This tripod bag offers everything that the Manfrotto does but at a lesser price. It is one of those products which offer the best value for money. The bag is well padded on all sides and is made of good quality nylon. Carrying strap is strongly attached to the bag and is adjustable. 35″ (90cm) is a decent length and can fit most of the tripods.PROS
Spacious | Well Padded | High-Quality Nylon | Dust and Water Resistant | Extra Side Pocket | Comfortable Handle | Value for Money

Flimsy Zipper

My Rating: 4/5   Check Price on Amazon

The bag has a big side pocket which is great for carrying batteries, cables, lens caps, etc. Also, it has enough room to store even another small tripod and with the padded handle, it becomes easy to carry around while traveling.

SLIK Universal Medium Tripod Bag

SLIK has always been an excellent option for the beginners and this bag is no exception. Though they say it’s for professionals, I highly doubt it. The case doesn’t have much padding and personally, I felt the built quality of Neewer was better. It doesn’t have a lot of space (23″ length) for your tripod which can be an issue for bulkier tripods. The other variant from SLIK has side storage which can easily carry all the nifty QR plates, batteries, etc. This one doesn’t!PROS
Good zipper | Plastic ID Window | Adjustable Shoulder Strap | Cheap

No Padding | Cheap built quality

My Rating: 3/5  Check Price on Amazon

The case comes in three sizes so check the length of your tripod before buying. There is not much to talk about it cause it’s a very basic bag. I wouldn’t recommend it much unless you are on a budget and really just need to carry around the tripod.

Neewer Studio Kit Bag

This bag is not just for tripods. It has a lot of space to accommodate your entire studio. Light stands, booms, tripods, heads, umbrellas everything can be fitted inside this one huge bag. The dimensions are 41″x10″x10″. The compartments are padded and a small external pouch holds all the itty bitty things. The case is made of good quality nylon and is waterproof.PROS
Extra Space | Padded Compartments | Water Proof | Professional looks | 1 Year Warranty | Value for Money

The zipper may break off easily

My Rating: 3.5/5  Check Price on Amazon

The bag has double zippers and adjustable straps to carry around. It is not just for one tripod but for the entire setup. At about $40, it is the best you can get along with 1-year warranty.

Other Accessories

To care for a tripod is not a very tedious job. Seldom, one needs to wipe and grease the tripod. I know people who use simple petroleum jelly which gets the job done, others use the lithium grease available at hardware stores. Well, there isn’t any harm in doing so, but there other options too. Let’s look at some of them

GITZO TRIPOD GREASEThe tripod maker Gitzo is known for its top of the class products. Needless to say, they are very expensive so it makes sense to keep the tripod in tip-top condition. Gitzo offers the tripod grease which must be applied to the locks and joints after a good wash with soap or alcohol. The grease makes sure that the joints and sections are well lubricated for the smooth functioning of the tripod.

An air rocket is used to blow off sand and dirt from hard to reach places like in between the chassis, near the head, leg joints, etc. Air rocket is a rubber balloon attached to a small pencil-like structure. You can use it to clean the camera’s sensor and blow the dust off the lens too.   

Use these to wipe down the length of the tripod with rubbing alcohol or lens cleaning liquid. Microfiber cloth is recommended so that there aren’t any scratches on the tripod.


I’m sure that by now you must have realized that keeping the tripod in good health is something which shouldn’t be neglected. Tripods must always be kept in a tripod carrying case when not in use. If you had to take one thing from this article, it should be – Never let moisture sit inside your tripod for too long! If you keep following this golden rule, you won’t feel the need to change gear often.

I hope this article was educative for everyone. Let me know what do you do to keep your gear in good condition. Also, if you have any questions leave them below in the comments section and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.



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14 Responses

  1. This article is very informative. I recently started getting into photography and videography. I had no idea what the care and maintenance a tripod would need, but it makes sense. Depending on what locations you shoot in, over time enough debris, wear, and tear could decrease the performance of the tripod. I definitely learned a few things from your article and will keep some of these tips in mind, keep up the great work!

  2. It’s always great reading your posts on tripods. I’m sure everyone that is using Tripods will love the bag as well. 

    If something is expensive, it needs to be protected. A tripod deserves its own bag. I’m starting to find them interesting the more I read all your posts. This is a great product you are selling here.

    Thank you for another great post and all the best.

  3. I have been a journalism student and I remember the troubles I got when dealing with my tripod. First, the equipment was so heavy that it became problematic carrying it around. Then some adjustable knobs would simply refuse to work.

    My tripod came with a half bag, a bag that only covers half the tripod. I don’t know what that was about. I really like the Manfrotto bag, with the pads, I think one’s worry of the tripod falling are washed away. Glad it comes in all sizes. I also like the Neewer Studio Kit for the simple fact that it can carry most of my things.

    Thank you for this great review. Very educative.

  4. Hii there 

    This is an helpful and important article . This article tells us about tripod carrying case which I didn’t knew about before. This article also shows different products which I can buy from Amazon. I will try my best to buy one for me from Amazon . Thanks a lot for sharing such a nice product.

  5. I know photographic equipment is expensive. I used to date a professional photographer, and I remember well his reaction when one of his new lenses fell out the open door of a helicopter! He specialised in adventure sports, so I totally get where you’re coming from with all the cleaning advice – specially the sand and water, which he exposed his equipment to a lot. I’m still in touch with him, and his father is also a renowned landscape photographer, so I’ll share your article with them in case they are looking for any new tripod protective equipment.

  6. I’m into photography and love it!
    I can’t agree more that protecting the tripod from bumps and damage is important.
    But also the cleanliness is of the utmost importance as well.
    And of course tripods and their cases aren’t cheap.
    I want my tripod to be working in tip top condition all the time.
    And the beach is one of the places where you really must be diligent about keeping it clean.
    There’s some really great tips here if you want your tripod to last a long time.
    How long would the Manfrotto case last normally?

    1. Hey Rob

      Well, it depends you know on how you use it. Except the zippers, I don’t think it will be a problem for a few years.

  7. Hi, Shashwat.
    Thanks for the information on a variety of cases for tripods.
    Usually we forget to take care of our equipments and you have given a timely reminder.
    I liked the Neewer Studio Kit Bag as it has one year warranty apart from space for the entire kit. I also liked the air rocket which is must for instant air cleaning of tripod parts, before the item is packed for going home, otherwise the sand and liquid may be problematic for other types of equipment in the bag.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

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